Grief & Trauma Response Consulting

 Helping businesses and individuals effectively navigate grief & loss. 

Emergency Service 24/7

PASSIONATELY DEDICATED to providing SUPPORT for people facing sudden or anticipated death. Driven by the need to assist those in crisis, coping with the challenges of bereavement, in all its many forms.

Crow J Consulting provides immediate response to these challenges...

An Employee Death

An Employee Death

An Employee Death

 We recognize the potentially devastating impact losing a team member has on a business. Even if your organization has a developed response plan, we offer critical advice and support. We can help you integrate best practices as you move forward.  

Personal Loss

An Employee Death

An Employee Death

 An extra layer of support is often needed when someone we love dies. We provide comprehensive information on grief, practical resources, and a caring presence. Whatever your specific challenges and needs, we will walk with you.  

Anticipated Dying

An Employee Death

Anticipated Dying

  When someone we care about is very ill, many questions arise and grieving often begins. We offer support during this challenging time, both emotionally and practically. We shape our approach around the unique needs of each particular situation, person, and story.

~ A focused combination of experience, skill, and compassion ~


Over fifteen years professionally responding to loss...

    With years of experience in a variety of settings, our goal is to meet people exactly where they are. By listening and understanding the specifics of your situation, we are dedicated to finding solutions and supporting your particular challenges and needs. 


Carefully developing a customized response plan...

  We are skilled communicators with vast knowledge regarding best practice 

response during a crisis. We can also work with an Employee Assistance Program to supplement the resources you may already have within your organization to best support you and your team. 


Balancing the personal and professional...

   We know that when tragedy hits, grief knows no bounds. Working skillfully with great concern and compassion, we integrate business practices with a person-centered focus. We can offer guidance as you strive to prioritize the well-being of your grieving employees.