Workplace Grief & Loss

Crisis Response

Our immediate response services support you by offering the following:

• On-site assessments

• Phone consultations

• Assistance in notifying employees of a death

• Developing customized response plans

• Specific approaches to best support each impacted employee

• Educational resources

• Short-term and Long-term assistance strategies

• Management, Employee Assistance Program, and Human Resources coordination

• Communication facilitation (meetings, e-mail correspondence, press releases, etc.)

Group & Individual Counseling

We support all members of your team with grief counseling: 

• In-person, one-on-one

• In-person, with group facilitation

• Phone & Skype support, remote or long-distance employees

• Specific approaches to sudden death, suicide, homicide, and terminal illness

Seminars & Workshops

From schools to businesses, hospitals to private settings, we offer opportunities to better understand the topics of grief & bereavement support and education. This moves beyond crisis response and into long-term planning. Let us know what your specific needs are, and we will tailor our presentation and facilitation to fit them. We are passionately dedicated to creating a world with strong support for those who go through the process of grief.

Personal Grief & Loss

After a Loved One Dies

If you, a family member, or a friend are struggling in the wake of a loss, we offer support. From our experience walking alongside those who are grieving, we can bring both practical advice and a compassionate presence to your difficult experience.

Preparing for a Loss

If you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with a terminal illness, we want to help. Whether it is logistics, local resources, or difficult family dynamics, we offer an extra layer of support as you move forward. We recognize that grieving often begins before death, and we are here for you as you navigate your own situation.

Tragedy & Crisis Support

When a sudden loss hits home, the unexpectedness can be devastating. With our years of experience supporting those going through various forms of shock, disbelief, grief, and profound sorrow, we provide a steady presence and serve as a trusted resource for you and your loved ones.